A Comprehensive, Strategic Solution that Unifies Military Airdrop Procedures


Safety and efficiency is the name of the game with the new Strategic Parachute Accountability and Record Keeping System (SPARKS). SPARKS is a refreshing new approach to military parachute management, moving quickly to revolutionize painfully outdated management and investigatory procedures for all U.S. military branches and agencies as well as ally country military units and agencies. SPARKS was created to fill a critical capabilities gap that currently exists within the military parachute rigger field and subsequently has experienced rapid growth and improvement that:

  • Increases Efficiency & Provides Vital Statistics
  • Allows Maximizing Equipment Service Life
  • Allows Cost Savings in Several Areas
  • Improves Accountability, Record Keeping & Equipment Management
  • Enhances Reporting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Expedites Investigative Processes & Enhances Safety Procedures
  • Streamlines, Improves, and Automates Outdated Manual Processes
  • Includes a Digital Repository to Reduce Paper Records
  • Provides Comprehensive Mission/Airborne Operation Management & Planning Tools
  • Significantly Improves Personnel Management, Validation, and Reporting
  • Provides a Complete Solution for all Aspects of Air Operations – Before, During, and After

Versatile & Scalable
  • Enterprise Capable & Cloud Ready
  • Rapidly Expanding & Feature Rich
  • Supports & Implements Latest Technologies
  • Many KIOSK Options Available Including Desktop Computers, Laptops, All-in-One PCs, Windows Tablets, and more.
  • KIOSK Wall & Ceiling Mount Options Available, Keeping Tables Clear for Packing, Inspections, and Maintenance
  • Wide Range of Scanner, Printer, and Asset Tracking Options Available
  • Available Android Application Deployable on Wide Variety of Devices
  • Flexible Licensing Options Allow Immediate Implementation & Future Expansion
  • Simple, Do-It-Yourself Upgrades & Updates
  • Approved for Use and Implemented on Various DoD Networks (Wired or Wireless)
  • Allows Communication With DoD/Client Systems Such as GCSS, PBUSE, or Other Internal Systems

SPARKS is revolutionizing the way paralofts track parachute packing, repair and usage. Rather than hard copy records that are easily lost or misinterpreted, SPARKS records all parachute information electronically. This enables easy access for detailed reporting on various aspects of a loft’s parachute systems.

Basic Technical Information

SPARKS is a Web Based (ASP.NET) application that utilizes a SQL Server Database. Each site can operate on a closed Network or implemented over various LAN/WAN networks. The system is developed using industry standard security practices and developmental standards. The SPARKS application runs via Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) typically installed on a Windows Server OS. KIOSKs employ Professional editions of Windows which allows implementation of Group Policy/Active Directory Domain Services to secure data and usage of networked systems. KIOSKs utilize 2D Barcode Scanners and Networked Zebra Thermal Label Printers (Port 9100). Android application (if used) allows use of third party barcode scanners, on board scanners, or the device’s camera to scan barcodes during various system processes and conduct barcode inventories.