Go Above and Beyond

Complete Parachute Solutions is a specialized tactical outfitter of military parachute solutions.

Built from a consortium of world-class parachute manufacturing companies, United Parachute Technologies, Performance Designs and Sun Path Products, we provide the safest, most tactical parachute equipment solutions and training programs to Special Mission Units and Search and Rescue Teams around the world. 

Innovative Equipment

Our experience and continuing relationships with the Special Forces and Search & Rescue Organizations compel us to create and patent technology that has made parachutes safer and more reliable. Our engineers’ accomplishments have resulted in the most battle proven products in the world. Our Solutions have more than 1500 battle tested combat insertions and enable soldiers of every experience to jump into harsh and dangerous environments to complete their missions with confidence and ease.

Train Anywhere

With dedicated, turn-key training facilities across the United States and the ability to envision any terrain into a drop zone, your team will be ready for any operation.

Contact us to determine logistics for Mission Specific Solutions.

Your team will train with Special Operations veterans and world-champion skydivers to learn the fundamentals of basic military freefall and advanced special operations maneuvers to competently complete any mission. 


We work with you to determine your needs and create solutions that fit your missions and budget. No matter what you need to train, where you need to train or what you need to train for, CPS will go above and beyond to ensure your unit completes their missions with confidence.