special forces skydiving Training


There is no substitute for skydiving experience. CPS instructors are decorated Special Forces operators and champion skydivers. No matter your special forces mission, with our collective experience guides custom Special Ops course material to meet your needs to prepare your unit for whatever they’re jumping into. 

Battle proven instructors pair their tactical experience with specialized parachute systems to train Special Ops on skydiving maneuverability and landing for mission-specific conditions. Operators are trained to parachuting capability anywhere in the United States. We locate environments that reflect mission conditions and provide expert instruction to increase your team’s skill level for challenging airborne insertions.

Turnkey Special Training

Aircraft, equipment, lodging, catering, medical, ancillary services, as well as capable course directors, and instructors, make for an all-inclusive training program that guarantees Special Ops are trained in advanced military free-fall.

Equipment Available:

Tactical Main

Operational Reserve (OR) Series

Tactical Reserve (TR) Series


Lodging, Catering, Medical Facilities


Coolidge, AZ or Dictated by Mission Requirements

skydiving training

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