During GWOT, special units jumping into the Afgan mountains used parachutes that weren’t designed for high altitude landings. The missions quickly shifted from SMU to SAR because soldiers weren’t trained for the unique conditions they encountered. These injuries prevented SOF from carrying out the mission. New equipment was needed for the safety of the operators so they can successfully and safely complete their missions.

The need for specialized equipment and training led the founders of CPS to design and develop solutions that will ensure our operators are able to jump in safely and effectively. Since the beginning, CPS has become dedicated to pushing the capabilities of our Special Forces by working directly with experienced operators to develop bleeding edge tactics for real world operations.

Mountainous terrain training guides operators through high altitude drops and prepares them to maneuver through and land in obstacle-laden terrain. Instructors teach operators to deploy and navigate with specialized canopies designed for inherently hazardous conditions.

Turnkey Training

CPS provides equipment, accommodations, facilities, instructors and ancillary services in a comprehensive program designed to meet your specific needs.


Jump on our equipment or your units


Riggers, Lodging, Catering, Medical Facilities


Coolidge, AZ or Dictated by Mission Requirements