Maritime Jumps represent a significant portion of special operations. Training Special Forces land and transition in water environment is crucial to mission success. Specialized, quick-drying parachutes are needed to complete these missions and are provided with CPS maritime training courses. 

Landing isn’t the only obstacle associated with a water jump. Operators need to be prepared to swim and deploy a watercraft following landing. Battle-proven, Special Forces operators train personnel to accurately and safely land in bodies of water with or without cargo. Proper training and equipment ensures operators are able to execute their missions.

Turnkey Training

Training for maritime jumps can be performed in environments that replicate your mission requirements.  It is essential that operators are comfortable landing in water and have trained with the correct mindset. State-of-the-art facilities coupled with necessary amenities enable your team to focus on their training and are capable to execute their missions following course completion.

Equipment Available:

Cormorant (CT) Series

Water Reserve (WR) Series


Lodging, Catering, Medical Facilities


Dictated by Mission Requirements Specialized Unit Training Facility