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Military basic free-fall training courses ensure that paratroopers are ready for their missions. Courses are designed to teach large groups of operators to capability in basic and advanced training scenarios. Adequate instructor-to-student ratios ensure that operators receive the instruction and attention they need to successfully complete the course, while effectively training a large group of operators. 

Students are outfitted in state-of-the-art parachute systems created for advanced maneuverability, and performance. Operators master solo, tandem, K9, and equipment weighted drops and landings from battle-proven instructors and world-class skydivers.

Turnkey Airborne Training

Aircraft, equipment, lodging, catering, medical, ancillary services, as well as capable course directors, and instructors, make for an all-inclusive training program that guarantees large groups of paratroopers are trained in military free-fall.

Equipment Available:

Military Phoenix (MP) Series

Military Silhouette (MS) Series

Tandem Phoenix (TP) Series

Reserve: Heavy Reserve (HR) Series

Vector Reserve (VR)

Full Rigging Loft


Lodging, Catering, Medical Facilities


Coolidge, AZ or Dictated by Mission Requirements

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