HIGH ALTITUDE parachute jumps (HALO HAHO)


Jumping from high altitudes above 25k feet creates a unique set of challenges. The conditions are particularly hazardous and requires expert training and specialized equipment.

Learn from Special Forces airborne experts how to maneuver and land with canopies designed for thin air in complicated, high altitude drop zones. We train in environments that replicate your mission’s drop zone with turnkey training solutions for large groups or one-on-one instruction.

TURNKEY Skydive Technique TRAINING

High altitude training courses are structure to spec to your needs and operator skill level. Your entire team will be trained to capability with state-of-the-art equipment in real-world, high altitude scenarios. Haho Halo Jump courses available at our military free-fall facility in Coolidge, AZ, or can be organized at a location that reflects your mission’s specific variables.

Equipment Available:

CR-360 7-Cell Main Canopy


Lodging, Catering, Medical Facilities


Coolidge, AZ or Dictated by Mission Requirements

Jump Courses:

Desert HAHO

Maintain HAHO

halo jump

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