Multipurpose Tactical Oxygen System (MTOS) Vital Equipment for Record-Setting Jumps

Along with parachuting equipment we talked about in our previous post, CPS Military Javelin and Special Operations Vector 3 Tandem Sigma, the Multipurpose Tactical Oxygen System (MTOS) from TopOut Aero, played a vital role in our high altitude record setting parachute jumps.

At high altitudes such as those that occur in HAHO (high altitude, high opening) or HALO (high altitude, low opening) military freefall jumps, lack of oxygen can cause hypoxia which leads to lightheadedness, poor judgment, nausea, behavioral change and more. That’s why oxygen is just as vital to special operations forces as the canopies they fly.

Tandem Phoenix (TP), Military Phoenix (MP) and Military Silhouette (MS) parachutes set records

Unlike older systems that keep oxygen steadily flowing regardless of demand, the TopOut MTOS provides oxygen “on demand.” When physical activity increases, you get more oxygen and vice versa. Not only did the MTOS help in the record setting parachute jumps, it also enabled the jumpers to traverse the mountain at extreme altitudes with minimum effect on performance.

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Photo by Jake Blick, Magpul Industries