Complete Parachute Solutions, Inc. Acquires GlideLine Systems

DeLand, Florida – March 2016 – Complete Parachute Solutions, Inc. (CPS), announces the acquisition of GlideLine Systems, a parachutist navigation platform, from Nanohmics, Inc.

GlideLine Systems provides patented mission planning and live mission navigation applications. This system has been jumped over 10,000 times by U.S. Special Forces during training and critical missions making it an essential tool for HAHO and HALO jumps.

CPS JumpCalc is the mission planning system that calculates the optimal release point for the drop zone based on wind information, release point, and opening altitudes.  CPS GlideLine is the navigation system that enables users to track their progress to the release point and navigate to the drop zone under canopy. It aids navigation by displaying dynamically updated cross-sectional circles that are representative of the wind funnel. This feature allows the jumper to maneuver towards the optimal flight path ensuring they are able to reach the drop zone.

“GlideLine is a natural fit for CPS and complements our portfolio of world-class tactical parachuting hardware and training solutions,” said Fred Williams, President of CPS. “GlideLine integrated with our core products adds even more value to the client, enhancing their mission effectiveness.”

“We are pleased to have found a great team in CPS who will continue providing this important tool to operators who need it in the field and during training” said Mike Mayo, President of Nanohmics.

“This collaboration reflects our commitment to delivering innovative technological solutions.”

By adding GlideLine to its core products CPS, continues to provide the high degree of product performance and integration.

About Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS):

Complete Parachute Solutions is a strategic alliance of unique market leaders providing the most extensive tactical military parachute product line available in the world, complemented by specialized solutions such as the GlideLine. This robust product line provides a wide set of options for our customers, who have a wide range of requirements. From large guided cargo parachutes to personnel systems, CPS has the most rugged and reliable parachute systems available to maximize the effectiveness of your mission.

About Nanohmics:

Nanohmics, Inc., was founded in 2002 by three scientists with the goal of developing cutting-edge research and transforming it into commercial technology. Over the past decade, our multidisciplinary team has grown to 25 scientists and engineers. Due to our broad expertise and diverse approach, we have an aptitude for solving difficult problems with innovative solutions. Some of our specialties include novel materials, microfabrication, and instrumentation for electro-optics, sensors, power control, and embedded systems and devices. We perform technology development for a number of US government agencies as well as commercial customers ranging from small startups to large defense contractors.

To learn more about CPS GlideLine and CPS JumpCalc, please click this link.