First CPS Open House a Success

We recently hosted the first ever CPS Open House at our Deland, FL location (which is serviced by an airport in Daytona Beach, not Dayton, Ohio, as some of our guests had the misfortune to find out!).


An 8-way launches from the SkyVan at the CPS Open House.


Another great exit out of Skydive Deland’s SkyVan at the CPS Open House.

The Open House was a huge success with over 90 participants from 15 different countries. 274 slots were flown and all 22 demo parachute systems saw action during the two days.

Perfect 5-way round captured by videographers at the CPS Open House.


Participants have some fun exiting at the CPS Open House.

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and staff for a fantastic event. Keep an eye out for the next CPS Open House!