Versatile military parachute container system designed for HALO+HAHO Operations

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Military Javelin (MJ) Solo System

Designed for HAHO/HALO operations, the MJ container allows a single operator to carry a full complement of weapons and combat equipment. An integrated protective flap system offers superior protection against accidental, premature deployments.

Standard Features

  • Fully Adjustable Harness-Articulated Hip Ring With Color Coded Main-Lift-Web (MLW) and Lateral Increments
  • Adjustable Laterals, Waist Band, Chest Strap And Leg Straps
  • Six (6) Cargo Attachment Points, Six (6) Weapon Stow Loops, Fixed Waist Band & Carry Handle
  • Field Replaceable Main And Reserve Clear Pin Covers
  • Proprietary SP-1 Stainless Steel Base Ring
  • Contoured Back Pad With O2 Hose Channel And Routing Loops
  • Lateral Hardware Padding


  • Side Pouches For O2, Radio Or Utility Purposes
  • Stash Bag And Stow Pouch
  • High Speed Reserve Pilot Chute System
  • Chemlite/Glowtube Pockets
  • HAHO Toggle Extensions
  • Dual Bag Static Line
  • SkyHook RSL With Integrated Collins Lanyard
  • Bottom Of Container (BOC) Hand-Deploy Pilot Chute

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