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HAHO/HALO Maritime Operations

Maritime Military Javelin Solo Systems allow a single operator to carry a full complement of weapons and combat equipment

High-Quality Construction

A single layer of uncoated DWR treated 420 denier Para Pack repels water and allows for quicker water-shedding and fast drying. The fixed waistband is configured with side attachment strap for floatation devices. The system can be configured with minimal hardware to reduce weight and minimize corrosion and maintenance of the system.

This harness/container has been proven to completely dry in as little as 7.5 hours. The drying time of the main and reserve canopies may vary depending on the model of canopy.

Standard Features of the Maritime Military Javelin

  • Fully Adjustable Harness-Articulated Hip Ring
  • Main Left Web (MLW) with Color Bars for Sizing
  • Up to Six (6) Cargo Attachment Points
  • Six (6) Weapon Stow Loops, O2 Hose Attachment Loops
  • Fixed Waistband/Bellyband
  • Removable or Fixed Replaceable O2 and Utility Pockets
  • In-Board Emergency Handle
  • Skyhook RSL
  • Four (4) Stow or Two (2) Stow Reserve Deployment Bags With or Without High-Speed Pilot Chute
  • Universal AAD Pocket
  • Contoured Backpad With Carrying Handle
  • Tuck Tab Riser Covers
  • Pillow Reserve Ripcord Handle

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