The MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC is the rugged offspring of the popular multi-function MILITARY ALTITRACK. MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC was designed to be a simple, hard-working, and rugged altimeter with the same altitude measuring precision in a basic altimeter.

MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC starts with a precision machined outer shell, a precise stepper-motor altitude indicator needle, and dual sensor components for reliability and accuracy built to military standards and precise construction parameters

LB has worked directly with several different countries to develop the MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC as a less complicated altimeter in terms of additional features but just as robust, rugged and accurate as MILITARY ALTITRACK. Like its predecessor, MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC is designed to withstand extreme variables in both heat and cold that might be encountered in a military operation and daily pounding during training.

Ground elevation offsets can be adjusted manually for MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC with a series of simple operations using the exterior adjustment buttons. MILITARY ALTITRACK BASIC is also fitted with an electroluminescent backlight for night jumping or low light conditions.

altitrack Features

  • 45 Degree Offset Scale For Easy Line Of Sight Viewing When Mounted On Hand Or Wrist
  • Altimeter Casing Is Rugged, Precision Machined Aircraft Aluminum
  • Choice Of Symmetric Or Asymmetric Scale Graduation. Available In Stealth HD Black Face Or Original White Face In Either Feet Or Meters
  • Adjustable Electro-Luminescent Backlight For Night Jumping
  • Smooth, Non-Erratic Pointer Movement, Step Motor Controlled
  • Automatic Calibration To Local Elevation
  • Two Separate Pressure Sensing Modules For Maximum Reliability
  • Freefall And Canopy Flight Computer
  • Scratch Proof Lens Made From High-Impact Etched Glass
  • Shockproof And Waterproof (5 ft / 24 hrs)
  • Operating Altitude 0 To 40,000 ft (0 to 12,191 m)
  • Temp. Range: -35°C To +80°C (-31°C to +176°F)
  • Continuous Operation: Will Operate At -50°C (-58°F) For 10 Minutes
  • 1/2 AA Battery (2 Year Battery Life)

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