The MA-12 lends itself to universal mounting through four screw holes in the bottom housing. Its unobtrusive footprint allows use on the wrist, a navigation board, or anywhere required by diverse Military Freefall mission profiles. The display can be flipped for a choice of button orientation.

Tough enough to handle any mission, MA-12 is constructed from machined aluminum with a bezel securing a protective glass lens over the LCD display. Protected buttons with sensory enhancements to ensure tactile dexterity wearing thick gloves. Each device is waterproof up to six (6) feet for one (1) hour.

State-of-the-art accuracy within a 40,000 ft range is provided by proven electronic pressure sensor technology. Reflection of true altitude and negligible variance between jumpers’ devices provide worry-free altitude awareness in the aircraft, in freefall, and during canopy flight.

A backlit digital LCD display provides vertical position information at a glance, formatted in separate modes for freefall and canopy flight. Selectable ground screen provides DZ mode setting and values, time, temperature, and system status. Selectable climb screen provides altitude, climb rate, and time-to-exit through a user selectable exit altitude – perfect for Jumpmasters!

Four programmable Dropzone reference modes: Set Zero for landings at the takeoff location; Relative Offset for takeoff and landing at different locations (DZ altitude is input manually); QNH Offset for in-flight programming regardless of pressurization (user inputs DZ elevation and “Aircraft Altimeter Setting” (QNH) pressure value); Standard Pressure Offset for in-flight programming when QNH is not available.

User-configurable canopy alarms and last jump logging information serve as invaluable training tools. When the backlight is activated, the canopy alarms are automatically disabled for noise discipline during night operations.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

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