ModelFucntion M-1Function M-2Function M-3
HS-501White/Green (Alt. Flash)Green (Steady)IR ()Flash
HS-502IR (Flash)White (Flash)White/Green (Alt. Flash)

The HEL-STAR 5® is a three-function, waterproof LED marker light designed specifically for low profile mounting on helmets. The three operating modes are user-defined in any combination of white, green or IR—either steady or flashing. Other usages include vehicle, equipment, or outerwear marking. The low profile design installs easily with Velcro® interfaces.

HEL-STAR helmet Advantages

  • Safety – Velcro attachment provides an emergency peel-away feature—reducing potential for injury caused by interference with parachute risers.
  • Security – Positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and Mode-Selection switches. One touch confirms operating status or turns the unit OFF in an emergency situation.
  • Versatility – Three (3) operating functions are provided with a choice of white, green or IR signals—flashing or steady. The electronics/battery compartment is waterproof to at least 16 feet.
  • Simplicity – The tactile sliding switches can be operated with a gloved-hand in the blind with the helmet donned.
  • Readiness – Visual and tactile ON/OFF slider switch provides positive confirmation of OFF status, avoiding inadvertent battery depletion.
  • Long Life / Extreme Conditions – Powered by a field-replaceable lithium 123 cell for long life and excellent cold temperature operation.

Available Models

Available HEL-STAR models are shown. New models will be offered as user requirements are defined. A two-function HEL-STAR 4® model is also available.

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