The Drop Zone Marker & Wind Direction Indicator is a compact parachutist-deployed landing aid for night operations.

The DZM-100 Series is configured with visible lights and the DZM-200 Series is equipped with infrared (IR).

The DZM-Series devices comprise two sets of light modules—one steady and one flashing—separated by 30 to 50 feet of nylon line. Each light module has two opposite-facing high-intensity LED luminaires to ensure visibility from all directions. The device, deployed by the lead parachutist immediately above or adjacent to the drop zone, illuminates automatically upon deployment and descends rapidly until the ballast and steady light lands. Once landed, the chute with the flashing light drifts in the direction of the wind until fully grounded—providing an indication of relative wind speed and direction.

The DZM packs into a throw bag that is built into the chute. The unit is deployed by the parachutist under canopy with a one-handed, single motion.

Modular design

  • Recoverable And Repairable
  • Two Dual-light Modules (Flash, Steady)
  • Chute With Integral Throw-bag
  • Integral Line Stuffing Bag
  • Adjustable Ballast Module
  • Compact (2.5 in diameter x 9 in)

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