alfa Altimeter


superior engineering & accuracy

The ALFA is the evolution of digital military visual altimeters. ALFA takes durability, superior engineering, and accuracy to the troops. The ALFA is a digital faced visual altimeter for those military jumpers who prefer a digital display over a traditional analog display.

LB designed the ALFA to be extremely easy to use. ALFA settings can be accessed by a mission commander or jump master or via IR control with Altiset II. The large number LCD screen is easy to recognize and read when the jumper is in freefall or under canopy.

The ALFA can be mounted in a specially designed sew-on pocket to make it easier to attach to a glove altimeter pillow, NAV board or jumpsuit. An elastic arm strap with a molded pocket for arm mounting.


  • Easy and fast altitude / QFE offset
  • Quick backlight operation
  • IR controlled
  • Aluminum case
  • Strong & lightweight
  • Large Hi-Def LCD screen
  • Backlight LCD
  • Waterproof

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