1AZ0: Bishop Airfield

Military Parachute Training Facility

Contact: 130.475

Mobile, AZ [33° 6′ 43.0″ N, 112° 16′ 9.0″ W]

Bishop Airfield, located in Mobile, AZ, is a privately owned, restricted-access airport used for high intensity military parachute training. The facility operates continuously. High-altitude high-opening (HAHO) and high-altitude low-opening (HALO) personnel training, cargo, and other military training occurs from SFC-17999 regularly, and higher on occasion. NOTAMs are not always present. Medium to large cargo and military aircraft may be present in the vicinity. PHX

Location: 33.11194, -112.26917

Common Aircraft in Use: Sherpa, Skyvan, Carribou, Casa

Altitudes: SFC – 23,999’+ (most commonly FL015 and below)

Manager: Dakota Williams +1 (386) 717-6417

ATC Controller: PHX TRACON (123.7)