CPS Open House 2019

Please join us at the CPS Open House in Coolidge, AZ, scheduled for February 12—14, 2019. CPS is the world’s leading provider of military ram-air parachute equipment and military freefall training solutions. We provide integrated solutions to meet the parachute equipment and training requirements of today’s advanced military and related government organizations. There will be live MTTB jumps, seminars on Military Free Fall (MFF) equipment and tactical ram-air parachute insertion training. We will also have all of our HALO/HAHO tactical parachute systems, K-9 system, oxygen, tactical military lights, altimeters and other ancillary equipment available for demo.

We welcome Current Military Jumpers, CPS Customers, CPS Agents and Representatives

If you would like to get updates or want more information, please contact your CPS Account Executive, email CPSAEs@CPSWorld.com or visit our Facebook page at Complete Parachute Solutions.

CPS Open House 2019 – Click to Download